Brake cleaner and carburetor cleaner are often packaged in aerosol spray cans. When empty, these spray cans are not considered hazardous wastes. Remember, these cleaners can contaminate other solvents when mixed. Partially empty spray cans may be regulated as hazardous wastes because they contain ignitable propellants and chlorinated solvents.

For more information concerning the proper handling of aerosol spray cans, contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste( or the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management ( This information is offered only as guidance. Specific requirements may vary with individual processes and/or businesses.

  • use up the contents of an entire spray can before starting another. Make sure that the can is completely empty before discarding it.
  • return spray cans that malfunction (for example, the tip breaks off). if you cant return, manage as a HW
  • Use refillable mechanical spray cans when possible
  • establish a distribution control system to limit aerosol cleaner use.
  • consider phasing out the use of spray cans in your shop.
  • spray in/or around other solvents. Hazardous contamination may result
  • discard partially empty spray cans in the trash dumpster