Transmission Filters


Used transmission filters are normally not a hazardous waste, unless contaminated with heavy metals. If the filters are recycled (for scrap metal), they are exempt from hazardous waste requirements, including testing. Unlike oil filters, transmission filters do not retain oil on them and therefore, must be recycled or reclaimed.

  • manage transmission filters with used oil filters if the used oil filter hauler approves
  • locate a scrap metal recycler who will take the transmission filters
  • put transmission fluid drained from filters in your "'USED OIL ONLY" container. if you dont find a scrap metal disposal place to recycle your filters, you will need to use a licensed used oil filter hauler
  • discard undrained filters in the trash dumpster

  • discard drained filters in the trash dumpster without first making a hazardous waste determination and checking with the landfill that receives your waste to confirm whether the facility accepts such filters

For more information concerning the proper handling of transmission filters, contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste ( or the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management ( This information is offered only as guidance. Specific requirements may vary with individual processes and/or businesses.